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InFocus ‘Our Stories’ page is where you’ll find a selection of stories about how we work in partnership with families to achieve their goals. ‘Our Stories’ tells you what we do at InFocus. We aim to enhance capacity and empower families through the provision of tailored support, information and choice. Our network of services is designed to address individual needs by providing flexible support that is personalised to meet the specific requirements of each child and family.

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Lynton’s new Equipment

InFocus Disability Services Brisbane Disability

Recently, our North side Occupational Therapists and Maintenance Officer constructed this piece of equipment to assist teaching Lynton self propulsion and at the same time being low enough to the ground so that he can still reach his toys.

Lynton is happy with the equipment and can even transport his toys around with him on it.


Northside Support Workers are assisting a young man, Harry, pursue his interest in carpentry.

Each week, Harry and his support staff visit Bunnings Warehouse where the staff there are now keeping a collection of off-cuts specifically for Harry to take home. Harry and his step-father enjoy spending time together creating a variety of items from the off-cuts. Items that they have made include a chair and foot rest, and a photo frame for Harry’s room.

Harry’s mum recently provided the Support Worker with some photos of these items and at her request, the Support Worker passed them onto Bunnings staff. One of the Bunnings area managers who knows Harry well, asked if she could pass the photos to the workshop co-ordinator with a view to printing them in an article within their internal newsletter, “Bunnings Banter”. This means Harry’s carpentry will be seen by Bunnings employees across the country, and Harry will be sent his very own copy.

A big Thank you to Bunnings Staff for their endless supply of wood for Harry, and for always giving him a smile and a good old yarn when he pops into one of the local stores.


Joseph is an outgoing and sociable young man. His mum, Diane, identified that Joseph would benefit from attending a gym once a week to work on strength in his arms and legs.

Diane identified a gym in their local community and arrangements were made for a personal trainer to write a program for Joseph. InFocus was able to provide a support worker who also enjoyed attending the gym with him on a regular basis.

After the gym, the support worker takes Joseph out for dinner, and if time permits, to the fun park at Carindale Shopping Centre.

Diane is grateful that the support worker is part of Joseph’s life as this day is the highlight of Joseph’s week and is helping him to achieve more independence, better health and fitness.

School Holiday Round Up featuring Eric and Kyle

In the recent school holidays, InFocus’s children and young adults have been out and about more than ever, including train trips to Roma Street parklands, Botanical Gardens for picnic lunches, trips on the City Cat, and going to the movies.

One young man, Eric, decided to build a cubby house at his home, and with assistance from InFocus’s Support Worker was able to acquire a large cardboard box and some wood from Bunnings for this project. Another young man, Kyle, who loves music, went to some sessions at the music Studio of “Cascade”, and over the last two weeks has made his own CD from the song that he developed with assistance from their music director.

Kyle’s mother reported that he was counting down the sleeps until his next session!!


InFocus provides a range of supports for Kurt and his family. Kurt is a 15 year old with an emerging passion for music.

Over the April School holidays, Kurt’s Keyworker was able to arrange for him to receive some music tuition sessions from professional musicians who play in a band with people with disabilities. The studio has a range of accessible and generic music equipment and Kurt tried out a range of different instruments. His preference was for the electronic keyboard and after just three sessions, was showing a real proficiency on this instrument. Kurt’s instructor said of his sessions:

“For the short amount of time Kurt spent in the studio it was clear he was a musician and connected with melody and harmony in ways some can only dream of. In 3 short sessions Kurt has put together the ground work for his song by writing melody and structure with minimal staff guidance and input. I think this might be the first song Kurt has written? Cascade are proud to have been a part of the early stages of Kurt’s musical journey as a song writer and hope to work with him in the future.”

Kurt’s family was thrilled for the experience their Keyworker had facilitated for Kurt.


Louise is a sociable 2 year old girl. She is Chinese and speaks predominately Mandarin and some English. She has a degenerative condition which affects her physically but not cognitively, and her parents identified they would like a young carer for play therapy with Louise.

One of our current support workers is of Chinese descent and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English. She also has a disability which affects her ability to do some manual care duties. Currently she also works as a carer/facilitator within the Group Program. We were able to match the family to the carer reducing cultural and language barriers.

Louise and her family were delighted that their needs were met.


Terence is a 4 year old boy who loves singing, music, reading and sensory toys. He has complex disabilities and is medically fragile.

Terence’s mother, Sarah, discovered that the local library held regular sessions for young children that focus on singing, reading, learning through movement, sensory play and craft. Arrangements were made for a InFocus Support Worker to take Terence each week to the activities. Terence has now joined his local library, has his own library card, borrows books each week and has become a valued member of the weekly group at the library.

Terence is enjoying participating in his local community.