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The new NDIS is designed to give families of children with disabilities more choice and control over their service providers and in turn better outcomes for their child. However, choosing the right disability service provider for your child and your family can seem like a daunting task.

Planning your approach will help you work through all of your options and most importantly to best meet the needs of your child and your family. Your needs will be completely unique and there is certainly no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to finding the best provider for your child. However, a set of guidelines developed by Early Childhood Intervention Australia outlines eight features that families can use to compare service providers.

The guidelines say that the best service providers have the following eight features. They are...

01 December 2017

With the roll out of the NDIS, comes lots of change and with change can often come confusion. One area that is cause for some confusion is respite care.

Initially, it was anticipated that respite would not be offered as part of NDIS funding packages. The primary objective of the NDIS is to support its participants and respite was thought of as primarily benefiting the carers and not the child for whom the funding is provided.

However, in the initial stages of the roll-out of the NDIS, the NDIA received feedback that supported the concept of respite in making informal and/or family support sustainable in the longer-term to meet the needs of participants living with a disability.



01 December 2017

This Sunday 3rd December is International Day of People with a Disability (IDPwD).

IDPwD is a United Nations sanctioned day and each year, its purpose is to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with a disability and to celebrate their achievements and contributions.

This year’s theme is “leave no one behind” and empowers people with disability to be active contributors to society and their communities.

We wanted to introduce you to one little boy who refuses to be left behind and that’s little Lance. The team at InFocus could think of no better way to celebrate IDPwD than to share Lance’s story with you.

Lance is a five-year-old boy who suffered from spinal cancer at a very young age. While Lance bravely overcame his cancer battle he was left with a number of disabilities.





The NDIS roll out commenced in the Ipswich region in July 2017, with the Brisbane roll out to begin in July 2018. As registered NDIS service providers we’re working closely with families to help them navigate the new scheme. One of the key terms of the NDIS is “reasonable and necessary”. The NDIS funds “reasonable and necessary” supports relating to your child’s disability to help them achieve their goals.

24 October 2017

With the roll-out of the NDIS comes lots of new phrases and terms. It can seem like a whole new language but understanding the most commonly used NDIS terms will help to get the supports your child requires. Here are explanations of some of the most commonly used NDIS terms.


SueNancarrowLast week the InFocus team bid farewell to much-loved team member Sue Nancarrow. Sue held the position of Manager South Brisbane for 19 years and has been part of the InFocus (and previously Xavier) family for over 36 years. The passion and dedication that Sue has shown in providing support for children with complex disabilities in Brisbane South and their families is second to none.



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